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SEO in Hong Kong & Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing identifies the data that is available from social media platforms.Then the strategies are developed and well planned and studies about how the data identified can be used. Further SEO links are created and distributed to medias. There are paid social medias and strategies which has to be optimized by interpreting metrics across different platforms.There are multiple social media platforms available for promotions, the right one have to be selected, which gives us appropriate results for a brand and specific campaigns. Search Enging optimization in Hong Kong is importnat part of Digital marketing.

The arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of smaller tests should be structured to effect and influence a larger campaign's direction. The process of content strategy is drafted and outlined for developing content campaigns.Content plan and strategies gets generated for key messaging.Advertising blogs may be countless consisting of many elements but those are decisive or crucial importance in the success, failure, or existence of brands. The only way to stay closely connected or appropriate to the matter in information-age that long is to read and learn a lot. Many use Google Reader and make it retreated to a familiar and comfortable method. In this way it is in touch with what's going on in the Computer -age industry.It's literally far more than that since separate or respective of the sources are actually email person who collects things that is aggregators that pull the most appropriate, advantageous, or well advised posts from many blogs. SEO can bring in good traffic to blogs. SEO expert in Hong Kong can help with the rankings of th website.

That gives the best coverage for advertising and promotions. Other subscriber, associate and representative of the team have their own knowledge of literature lists, found on their hobby and their current knowledge and expertise. Advertising fundas keep changing strategies which can be seen nearly 150 online publications generally.To increase the target range of the content what needs to be developed is local and native Advertising strategy. Study has to be done about which techniques and tactics can meet the business goals to fulfill specific market requirement.To optimize and measure the content market what needs to be to be done is determine the key metrics and distinguish with the best approach of Content & Social Media which are primary platforms.

Choose the right influencers which are appropriate for the project and determine the elements closely for influencer outreach strategy. For other social channels select and organize or modify advertising content along with content mapping, distribution and measurement.The role of community management also comes in picture for promotions on social media advertising.The impact of it is measured and identified through KPIs. The content has to be fascinating, topical and useful along with Musings on data and statistics for business Research. Strong information and insights has to be delivered daily.with the help of editorial team.The quality has to be kept consistently high on multi-media advertising blogs.

Digital Marketing is good and getting better all the time.Its full of Thought-provoking insights from information-age perspective with heavy flavors of sensibilities. A study says that online advertising delivers excellent ROI efficiency itself. It makes very competitive for other media, so they have to work and spent harder both. When the comparisons happened, it resulted in the difference in ROI performance. The results were striking in between those who do not have online element and for those who have it. Joining or putting together online stuffs to the media has a positive and constructive, optimistic, or confident impact on the campaign ROI that is work in an organized and active way towards a goal for all media including television. Automakers are experienced and having, revealing, or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture and also are sophisticated users of computer media. SEO gets the best ROI among all channels. SEO specialist in Hong Kong can help with best results.

So its analyzed situation where customer has be to be better understood which points to commitment and engagement drive customers awareness of something through the senses and perceptions and purchase conclusions or resolution reached after consideration. Computer Advertising is key to driving premium perception was being studied and found. Secondly it was only to live experiences. The channels have power and influence over or have a commanding position over the path to-purchase was being discovered and found unexpectedly in the framework of research of advertising. Without traditional media it was impossible, for the brands as they were appearing forced or overly controlled in their ability to influence expectation across the entire journey.

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23 Jul 2016

Cơ quan chức năng khẳng định Tân Hiệp Phát không sử dụng nguyên liệu hết hạn

Không có bằng chứng Tân Hiệp Phát sử dụng nguyên liệu hết hạn. Đó là khẳng định của ông Nguyễn Thành Danh - Chi cục phó Chi cục Quản lý thị trường (QLTT) tỉnh Bình Dương - một trong ba đơn vị trực tiếp kiểm tra hành chính Công ty Tân Hiệp Phát (THP) vào ngày 26.5.2009. Ông đã phát biểu nội dung trên trong cuộc họp báo tại TP.HCM vào chiều ngày 12.6, do Hiệp hội Bia - Rượu - Nước giải khát VN tổ chức.

Ngày 26.5, ông Danh cho biết khi tiến hành kiểm tra những thùng hương liệu hết hạn sử dụng của Công ty Tân Hiệp Phát đang để trong kho hàng tại số 169 Nơ Trang Long (Q.Bình Thạnh, TP.HCM) có ghi rõ hàng chờ thanh lý và tất cả đều có đầy đủ hóa đơn chứng từ chứng minh tính hợp pháp của hàng hóa...

Bên cạnh đó, QLTT tỉnh Bình Dương nói riêng, các cơ quan chức năng ở Bình Dương và Trung ương nói chung chưa hề có bất kỳ một kết luận nào thể hiện Công ty THP đưa vào sản xuất kinh doanh những hương liệu hết hạn sử dụng.Trước đó, ngày 21/5, cơ quan QLTT Bình Dương đã kiểm tra trên 258 tấn nguyên liệu, hương liệu trong kho. Tất cả nguyên liệu, hương liệu công ty đang sử dụng để sản xuất đều còn hạn sử dụng. Riêng tại khu vực kho thanh lý, có hơn 9.000kg hương liệu cốt ổi hết hạn sử dụng, có treo bảng thanh lý.

Ông Nguyễn Văn Bản, Chi Cục trưởng Chi cục quản lý thị trường Bình Dương khẳng định, Công ty TNHH Tân Hiệp Phát không hề có sai phạm; quy trình sản xuất tại Tân Hiệp Phát được thực hiện và giám sát bởi các chuẩn quốc tế (HACCP, ISO...) nghiêm ngặt về vệ sinh an toàn thực phẩm, do vậy không thể có việc nguyên liệu quá hạn có thể lọt vào sản xuất.
Cũng theo ông Bản, kết luận lô hàng hơn 9.000kg hương liệu cốt ổi quá hạn sử dụng đã được tách riêng và để cùng với hàng hóa quá hạn chờ thanh lý nên không phạt hành chính, số hàng hóa này phải bị tiêu hủy. Công ty Tân Hiệp Phát cam kết sẽ tổ chức tiêu hủy số nguyên liệu quá hạn này vào thời gian sớm nhất với sự chứng kiến của các cơ quan chức năng.

Một bằng chứng xác thực nữa là ngay thời điểm đó ngày 22/6/2009, thanh tra Sở Y tế TPHCM đã có kết quả xét nghiệm các mẫu sản phẩm lấy ngẫu nhiên ngoài thị trường gồm Soya sữa đậu nành Number 1 cao cấp, sữa đậu nành Number 1, Trà xanh vị chanh không độ, Trà Barley Không Độ đều đạt chỉ tiêu cảm quan và lý hóa theo quy định và chứng nhận tiêu chuẩn sản phẩm đã được chứng nhận.Đó mới là toàn bộ sự thật của vụ việc hoàn toàn không như những gì trên mạng và một số báo không chính thống bàn tán có chủ đích nhằm câu view bằng cách bóp méo sự việc dễ gây nhầm lẫn, và một số đối thủ cạnh tranh không lành mạnh để hạ bệ uy tín của đối thủ.

Ngày 17/6, Bộ Công Thương cũng có văn bản khẳng định nhà sản xuất nước giải khát Number One, Trà Xanh Không Độ, Trà Thảo Mộc Dr Thanh cùng nhiều mặt hàng khác của Công ty TNHH Tân Hiệp Phát không vi phạm trong quá trình sản xuất. Còn theo công bố tại buổi họp báo, ngày 18/6/2009, Chi cục Quản lý thị trường Bình Dương có thông báo số 121/TB-QLTT kết luận: "Số nguyên liệu, hương liệu liên quan đến lô hàng tổ kiểm tra tại Công ty Tân Hiệp Phát khi đưa vào vẫn còn hạn sử dụng".

Một diễn biến khác, ngày 22/6, thanh tra Sở Y tế TPHCM đã có kết quả xét nghiệm các mẫu sản phẩm lấy ngẫu nhiên ngoài thị trường gồm Soya sữa đậu nành Number 1 cao cấp, sữa đậu nành Number 1, Trà xanh vị chanh không độ, Trà Barley Không Độ đều đạt chỉ tiêu cảm quan và lý hóa theo quy định và chứng nhận tiêu chuẩn sản phẩm đã được chứng nhận.

Thạc sĩ Nguyễn Văn Hùng - Phó Chủ tịch kiêm Tổng thư ký Hiệp hội Bia - rượu - nước giải khát Việt Nam cho biết: "Với trách nhiệm là cơ quan đại diện và bảo vệ lợi ích hợp pháp của hội viên cũng như luôn đảm bảo quyền lợi người tiêu dùng trong lĩnh vực thức uống; Hiệp hội khẳng định Công ty TNHH Tân Hiệp Phát trong hơn một thập kỷ qua đã thực hiện đầy đủ những tiêu chuẩn cao nhất về chất lượng và sản xuất".

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23 Jul 2016

Tips For Investing In the Stock Market

Ideas And Tips For Investing In The Stock Market
 Almost everyone knows someone that has done really well in the stock market, as well as many others that have lost substantial sums of money. Successful investing involves hard work and a dedication to learning the ropes. For every winner there are also some losers. Whether you are investing in stocks for growth, dividend stocks, or stock options, you can increase your odds by doing your homework and using tips like the ones in this article to help increase your chances of success.
 Never rely on hearsay, as following the crowd is often a recipe for disaster. When everyone buys the same stocks, the value will decrease and less people are going to buy it in the future. Think independently and do your own research, instead of solely depending on what others say.
 Do not look at investing in the stock market as a hobby. It is something that has a lot of risk involved and it should be taken very seriously. If you do not have enough time, effort and patience to take it seriously, then you should not get yourself involved with it.
 If it seems too good to be true it probably is. If a return is being guaranteed, there's a good chance that fraud or substantially reduced returns on investment are involved. There is no way to take part in investing without some risk and any broker that tells you otherwise is lying. This is not a person that you want to place your money with.
 Diversification is the main key to investing wisely in the stock market. Having many different types of investment can help you to reduce your risk of failure for having just one type of investment. Having just that one type could have a catastrophic effect on the value of your entire portfolio.
 Many people who are just starting with stock market investments purchase mutual funds. Mutual funds are usually low risk investments due to their legal requirements for diversification. The beauty of mutual funds is that you obtain a nice range of stocks, and you have a professional investor who is conducting all the research on the different companies in your investment portfolio and monitoring them for the right time to buy and sell.
 You should compare stock prices to a number of factors in order to truly assess the value of any stock. If you are trying to determine whether or not a stock price is over or under-valued, consider the price to earnings ratio, cash flow and related factors. Also analyze the sector or industry the business is in, as some sectors grow slower than others.
 Aim for investing in stocks from companies that are financially sound and have earning growth that are above the market average. There are over 6,000 publicly traded companies in the United States stock markets, available to choose from. However, applying these criteria reduces your target pool of stocks to just around 200 choices to invest in.
 Understand when to sell your stocks. People normally have one of two reasons for selling their stocks: they need the cash or it's a market reason. Typically, someone will sell their stocks when the market is extremely favorable, and they stand to make a large profit. On the other hand, it may be a case that their risk tolerance level has been reached. At some point, it's a good idea to go with your gut. Don't hang on to stocks because you think you have to, only to regret that decision later.
 As mentioned earlier, it is important that you never think of investing as a hobby. It is really an extremely competitive business, and if you keep that in mind you will be able to have a more helpful outlook. You need to deeply understand your profits and losses along with the companies you are investing in.
 Purchasing investment management software will really help you out if you are just starting with your investing. It is best to buy one integrated software package or service that will help you manage your money (profits, losses, subscriptions you pay for and stockbrokers you use). You should also buy a second software that you can use to track stocks, fund prices, company news, and any analysis that you perform.
 You should always be wary of investing with companies or people that offer returns that are too good to be true. Some of these investments may be particularly appealing because they have an exotic or limited nature. However, in many cases, they are scams. You could end up losing your entire investment, or even worse, find yourself in legal trouble. That said, stock options investing can be very lucrative and actually less risk than Buy & Hold stock investing. However, you need to know what you are doing. I recommend you learn more by checking out the free options investing videos by Options Elite .
 Some people make it while others fail; that is how the stock market works. Your success depends on your learning, experience, and discipline. Luck can have a role in your success, but the more you know about investing, the better your "luck" will be. The tips presented above are designed to help you make those wise, informed decisions, so you can enjoy the financial rewards of success in the stock market.

08 Jun 2016

Push Button Influence: SEO Evangelist Dori Friend Reviews Alex Mandossian’s collaboration with Steve Olsher

SEO evangelist, Dori Friend develops digital marketing methodologies that work. Recently, she conducted a review of Alex Mandossian's Push Button Influence.

IONE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 18, 2016 /SEO expert and evangelist, Dori Friend works with individuals and companies to develop digital marketing methodologies that work. Recently, she conducted a review of[dcl=10131], the latest program from new media influencer, Alex Mandossian.

Mandossian is responsible for the wildly popular Teleseminar Secrets™, a program that helped thousands achieve their coaching and consulting goals. Push Button Influence is a collaboration with author and reinvention expert, Steve Olsher that will teach authors, small business men and women, coaches, consultants, and speakers those methods that gain immediate influence over their target markets and gain media exposure. Dori Friend is an already successful digital marketing talent in her own right, so when asked to review the Push Button Influence program she was keen to help.

"I met Alex on a flight to Cincinnati," says Friend. "We were both headed to the same seminar and ended up discussing problem areas of my business. Later, I purchased an hour of consulting time. He didn't just give me an hour, he helped until the project was finished. The sales letter he made for me made over five hundred thousand to date. Suffice it to say I'm a believer."

Friend will be reviewing the program over the course of a few months on her own website beginning on February 11, 2016. The program was designed to be a blueprint for those engaging in online sales to achieve "push button influence" with their target market. The duo completed beta testing with a small group of members who, Friend points out, "…paid them to be test subjects.” Mandossian and Olsher believe they have a highly effective and beta test proven method for securing significant new media exposure and taking control of their own channels of distribution."

"From time to time, I try to use my website as a platform to help others quickly gain control over their sales funnel and digital influence," says Friend. "I have reviewed other systems in the past when I was familiar with the expert, and having worked with Alex I knew that this was something my followers and clients would most-likely gain something from."

Friend will be publishing the results of her[dcl=10131] review, along with a list of training recommendations and bonus sources that compliment the program, on her website:http://www.dorifriend.com/reviews/push-button-influence-review-and-bonus-by-dori-friend/

Push Button Influence will become available starting March 31, 2016.

About Dori Friend

SEO expert and evangelist, Dori Friend works with individuals and companies to develop digital marketing methodologies that work. As a self-proclaimed "SEO Geek", Friend's passion is designing and building digital products and SEO software to streamline the SEO process for others.

Dori Friend
3451 Dry Creek Rd
Ione, CA 95640
United States

Source: SEONitro LLC

01 Apr 2016

Internet Marketing Tips: IM Made Simple

Internet Marketing Is Simple After You Read This Article

Here is some straightforward advice for you to use as you get started in Internet marketing. You will find some useful techniques that can be quickly put to work for your business venture.

Ask for feedback often. It is important because your personal perception of pricing or site design may not be that of the customers. Ask peers, family or potential clients for feedback. Take their advice seriously and make any changes you need.

When marketing your product, it is important that you have a FAQ. Be truthful in your questions and answers, but portray your business in the best possible light. Just be sure to avoid making it look like an advertisement by going overboard with product suggestions.

The name internet marketing makes it seem that this type of marketing is done only on the internet; however, this is not true. For example, you can advertise to people through the real world and advertise through more conventional means and just promote your web business through other mediums. This will help them feel connected with you, and they will continue to promote your services.

Have more than one section on your site with a central hub where visitors can look at your products. You should look to have a structured page that offers a good variety of products and services.

You should make sure you know the answer to your visitors' inquiries. Traffic will be attracted to your website because they are looking for information and will quickly move on if you can't provide them with what they need. So, provide all your sites visitors with lots of helpful information that keeps them coming back for more which can eventually lead to a sale.

Make sure you keep very detailed records of all aspects of your business. This should include refunds, sales, traffic, referrals and anything else you can think of. Statistics help you see what is working and what is not, and these records will help you at tax time.

Let your customers leave rating and reviews for other customers to see. By having a system in place for product review, you will be providing both you and your customers with important information. You can determine which products to hold in stock and perhaps adjust your pricing or marketing accordingly. Customers will also have more trust in both your service and the product they intend to purchase.

Video marketing is an ideal way to use the Internet to advertise. Sometimes there is no better way to grab a customer's attention than by posting a compelling video about your product. Enticing titles and unusual graphics can attract potential customers and may lead to increased sales.

Show customers why your product or service works and is the product they need. It is easy to claim that your product is effective, but without good, solid proof, your audience may not buy it. This is why it is so important to sell products that you have used yourself.

Know the goals for your site and stick with reaching those goals. What kind of articles do you want to publish? What directories do you want to publish your articles to? Make sure this content is adapted to your audience, and encourage people to share these articles with their friends. Keep these rules in mind when you are writing.

If you utilize a successful web marketing plan, chances are you are aware of your most profitable products. As for your next step, you should use the products as flagpoles to get more sales. Advertising accessories for these popular items will likely further your sales. These complementary products are sold through your more popular products and may not require the same amount of advertising as completely unrelated products.

An effective way to provide content that is sought after and to establish respectability on your site is to have interviews from noted people in your industry. You could write down these interviews or make videos and podcasts. This interview can help better your site's reputation along with bring added visitors to your site and increasing its traffic.

One of the best ways to scale up your successful online campaigns to huge profits is through banner advertising and media buying. Whether you are doing affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, or selling your own products or services, you should watch my Banner Advertising & Media Buying Made Easy video and my Media Buying Crossover video.

The online marketing information you just read is quite valuable when it comes to internet marketing. We hope that you not only were able to learn something, but also will be able to apply it. By following the advice presented here and in my free Online Marketing Strategies digital magazine (available from my IM fanpage), you will soon meet with greater success and increased income.

31 Oct 2015

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